Washing machine breaks and repairman finds dozens of socks lost inside it

Who didn’t lose socks after putting them in the washing machine? Normally, we assume that the garments are lost before washing or after being folded. However, the socks accumulate in the drawer, and your pair hardly ever appears. Cathy Hinz’s husband made an important discovery while he was repairing a broken washing machine. He had no idea he was going to come across something like this…

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Cathy and her husband own an industrial park in California, and they are accustomed to repairing various maintenance problems. However, a washing machine from a customer was always breaking, and they didn’t know what was wrong. After being summoned to arrange the same machine one more time, Cathy’s husband decided to open the drainage compartment. What he discovered was simply amazing…

Wasted socks in the washing machine

“Today, my husband got tired of fooling with one of the washing machines that was just not working properly and decided to take it apart, starting with the bottom panel. To his shock, this is what he found…

Faith Tap

“Socks, underwear, a credit card… and that is just what was in the bottom of the machine. When he removed the water pump that removes the water from the machine, he found about $7 in change. Now, for those of you that swear, your machine eats your small things, and have been told by ‘professionals’ and others that this fable just is not true… Here is the proof!”

Years of lost socks, coins and other valuable items slipped and got stuck inside the machine. Cathy and her husband could not believe what they saw. “I don’t know what to say! 25 years he has been doing this job, and for 25 years he has been working on appliances, including washers and dryers. But NEVER have we seen this!”

This compartment full of socks is proof that the Hungry Socks Monster exists! We should all check out this compartment regularly. In addition to putting our pairs of socks in order, we will also see if there are debris in the washer and dryer before they become a safety hazard.

Faith Tap

If you think your machine also “eats” socks, take a look at the quick fix below!

After all, the myth of the Sock Monster was true… show these proof to your skeptical friends!

Source: Faith Tap


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