Wallaby babies saved from Australian fires receive the best care possible

As forest fires continue to happen across Australia, rescue organizations are doing their best to help the countless animals that have been affected. These animals have no one else to help them – especially babies.

When the Agile Project heard about seven wallaby babies who needed help as soon as possible, they immediately offered to take them in. While they’re not all related, the wallabies are around the same age and from the same area — and all lost their moms in the fires. Taking care of so many joeys is a lot of work, but the Agile Project knew they were up for the task and immediately put a plan into motion to get the babies into their care.

“Eles praticamente ‘pularam de coelhinho’ de cuidador para cuidador no litoral, porque ligamos dizendo que estamos aqui para ajudar e aceitar, se necessário”, disse Shai Ager, gerente de projeto do Agile Project, Dodo. 

“They’ve pretty much ‘bunny hopped’ from carer to carer up the coastline because we put a call out saying we’re here to help and take on joeys if needed”, said Shai Ager, project manager for the Agile Project.

Finally, the joeys arrived last week, and everyone at the rescue immediately fell in love. It wasn’t hard to see that these babies had already been through so much even though they were so young.

“When they first arrived in our care, they were very stressed as they’d all experienced some type of trauma,” said Ager. “A few of them had some minor injuries but considering what they had been through, they were still in high spirits.”

The wallabies’ rescuers wanted to make sure they were as cozy and relaxed as possible as they recovered from losing their moms and homes to the fires. They set up the comfiest, cutest bed, made from a kiddie pool and lots and lots of blankets, and all seven babies took to it immediately, so happy to finally have a safe place to relax.

As the babies settled in and made themselves comfortable, their rescuers decided to give them all names — and wanted those names to pay tribute to all the people who have done so much to help Australia during this crisis. 

The two boy were named Andrew and Geoffrey, after two firefighters who lost their lives. The five girls were named after Chris Hemsworth, Ash Barty, Margot Robbie, Celeste Barber, and Rebel Wilson, to acknowledge the celebrities who have helped during this time of great need.

Everyone at the Agile Project hoped the gesture would show how grateful they are for the support, and showcase exactly who all that support is helping.

The seven babies have since been placed with different carers through the Agile Project, and are getting the help and healing they need. They’ll be released back into the wild once they’re around 14 months old, in an area that’s safe from the destruction of the fires. In the meantime, they’ll have lots of space to relax and tons of blankets to keep them cozy.

Source: The Dodo


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