Family walks with Pit Bull through the streets of Rotterdam and shows the other side of these dogs

Many Pit Bulls are labeled as aggressive. However, we have more and more evidence that the behavior of each animal depends on the environment in which they grow and the way they are educated.

Because they are considered “potentially dangerous”, they fall into the hands of people who are not able to deal properly with it. The education and behavior of the owner are very important in a dog’s attitude.

Pit Bulls can be calm and kind dogs

The video below shows how a dog of this breed can be very safe. The giant animal was very well educated by its owners. The family walked with the dog in the center of Rotterdam and decided to film the reaction of the people.

Surprisingly, when people see the dog, called Magnum, they don’t show fear. Many pedestrians even come close to caress the beautiful and majestic animal.

Family walks with Pit Bull through the streets of Rotterdam

Magnum looks happy and wags his tail constantly.

Certainly the purpose of the family was fulfilled, since many people had the opportunity to know the sweet side of these animals. Do you also love Pit Bulls? So, share this educational initiative with your friends and family!

Source: Incroyable


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