Man walks his disabled dog across town and melts hearts all over the world

Last week, while she was near her home in Italy, Sabrina la Grotteria witnessed a scene that touched her heart and, later, the whole world!

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In the town of Vibo Valentia, an older man was pushing his dog, seemingly unable to move on his own. Although the clip is brief and filmed from afar, the man’s dedication to helping the dog with his disability is well-seen.

“I was so moved that I decided to post it on Facebook,” said Grotteria. That’s when the scene became viral …

Before long, the video of Grotteria was seen thousands of times, generating headlines across the country as a gesture “that moved Italy.”

Although Grotteria did not know the man, the local media managed to ascertain his history. Tonino Vitale walks with his 13-year-old dog named Dylan every day. The puppy’s problems began when he lost the use of his hind limbs due to arthritis.

However, the good-hearted man did not lower his arms …

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Vitale expects his story sends a message to all

“With Dylan it was love at first sight since birth.” Vitale said. “It’s a normal gesture for us to love Dylan, but we’re happy to tell his story. It’s a way of sensitizing people to the importance of respecting animals.”

“This video contains only one word:” Humanity,” said Dylan of Grotteria. We need more people like Vitale in the world…

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Source: The Dodo


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