Mother walks with her son every day – then, a stranger approaches and recognizes them from television

Mothers make unimaginable sacrifices for their children. They are capable of everything to ensure the well-being of their children, and the woman we are going to talk about is an example of that. The mother walked with her son every day for 2 miles so that he could go to school. The boy had no right to the school bus, and his family had no car, so that was the only way.

In Nebraska, United States, there are rules that define who can or can not use the bus service to get back to and from school. These measures are designed so that children who live farther away can have the transportation they so badly need. However, this family lost that right by living a bit closer than the allowed limit.

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Because of this, Gabe Bellus, 8, and his mother, Kim, walked to school every day. They lived a little after the designated radius of the school service, so they could not enjoy that benefit. Mother and son lived about 2 miles from the school, and the boy had to walk every day with his mother because she had no car.

Besides, Kim was a university student, and her time was tight. Yet, her son’s education was above all else. So, every day, she went with Gabe on foot to Carriage Hill Elementary. They made their way back and forth, and that left the 8-year-old exhausted and powerless.

Youtube – KMTV 3 News Now

Kim was even more concerned about the winter approaching. If temperatures went down too much, it would be almost unbearable to walk to school. Then the mother made an appeal, and her difficult situation appeared in the news. The mother’s sacrifices spread throughout the city, and everyone got to know that case.

Gabe and Kim became famous when they appeared on television to tell their daily dilemma. But, one morning, something completely wonderful happened. A car came slowly and stopped beside them…

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The driver of the car was Becky Novotny, the mother of a colleague of Gane. She had three children and knew exactly how difficult motherhood can be. She recognized the faces of Gabe and Kim from the news and decided to help. It was then that she offered to take Gabe out of school, with her car, every day!

“If I were in the same situation, I would like someone to help me. It’s a small town, everyone helps each other,” Becky said.

Youtube – KMTV 3 News Now

For the family, this was a gift from heaven. Things got much easier, and Gabe became the energetic and happy boy he was! These two moms are an incredible example… Becky for being so selfless and having helped another mother in trouble, and Kim for never giving up, even when she was in a difficult phase.

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The sacrifice and devotion of mothers is simply touching. Share if you would do everything for your child!

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