During a walk with his dog, man sees something in the distance and jumps immediately into the water

We have the deepest respect for those who don’t hesitate to help when they see an animal in danger. However, in most rescue operations, people need to be in the right place at the right time. Jack Bennett was taking a walk with his dog when he saw something strange in the water. When he discovered what it was, he didn’t think twice and jumped into the canal.

If the man had gone the other way with the dog, or if he were to walk a few hours later, it would be too late. A cat was very lucky that Jack was passing in that place, at that moment. When the man stopped and looked better at the canal, he saw the poor animal desperately needing help.

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Man leaps into the water to save cat

In fact, the cat was stuck in a large pole in the middle of the water, and the only way out was to jump in the water and swim to dry land. But as we all know, cats are afraid of water, and this didn’t seem to be an option for the cat.

Fortunately, the man was there on time. While Jack’s father was filming the rescue operation, Jack didn’t hesitate for a second to jump in the water with his clothes on to save the poor cat. He was well aware of what he had to do, and swam quickly to the cat to try to save him.

See the rescue process in the video below!

Thankfully, this man was taking a walk with his dog in the right moment. Share this with your friends to honor the rescuer’s courage!

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