83-year-old soldier keeps the promise he made to his comrade in the Vietnam War

In 1968, while the rest of the world was celebrating New Year, William Cox and James Hollingsworth were trapped in a bunker. The two soldiers were held back in the Marble Mountains, fighting for their lives and their country during the Vietnam War. Cox and Hollingsworth could not help wondering whether or not they would survive that night. And, if they could, they were not sure if they would get home safely.

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Soldiers make promise to one another

This line of thought inspired the two soldiers to make a promise to each other. “If we survive this attack or survive Vietnam, let’s get in touch each year in the New Year,” Cox said. Almost 50 years later, the comrades kept their promises. Cox, of South Carolina, and Hollingsworth, of Georgia, have always been in touch in the New Year. They made calls, arranged meetings, among many other things… and they never failed one single New Year’s Eve.

Unfortunately, last year, Hollingsworth told Cox he was terminally ill. Upon learning the news, Cox traveled 120 miles to see his friend. When he arrived there, the ex-soldier in terminal state asked the friend to fulfill another promise: make a speech at his funeral.

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As expected, earlier this year the soldier kept the promise he made to his longtime friend. Cox stood close to Hollingsworth’s coffin, and told his friends and family how big the bond they shared was. “There is a bond between the Marines that is unlike any other branch of service. We are like brothers,” Cox said.

When the two were in the Vietnam War, Hollingsworth was the pilot and Cox was the gunner. But, after the war, they were still supporting each other. Although the soldier’s death was sad, one thing is certain: he lived a full life, and had a wonderful friend, who never failed with his word.

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