Vets are warning people about a new dog killer that is hidden in your yard

If you are the owner an animal, then you know how happy pets are crossing and playing on large grass fields. Both the owners and the animals themselves enjoy these moments equally and although it can be a lot of fun to let your dog loose for example, there are certain types of grasses that you need to be aware of, and this one in particular is killing dogs … The grass shown below, known as Foxtail, is extremely dangerous for your dog and you need to find out why.


The grass tips are what makes this grass potentially dangerous to your four-legged friend. This grass has “needles”, when your pet makes contact with them, it can end up having serious problems … Once they enter the soft tissue of the dog, usually very serious injuries appear!


These “needles” are as dangerous as a bullet for your dog. It is up to the animal owners to be as attentive as possible to this situation. The most susceptible areas are the dog’s paws, the back, the stomach, the nose and the ears. The longer the hair of your dog, the more vulnerable it gets because the grass is stuck to the fur and it is more difficult for the owners to detect.

Landfills, roadsides, uninhabited terrain, mountain trails and open fields are just a few of the areas that you and your dog will want to avoid.

So what are some of the symptoms that pet owners need to be aware of to keep their dogs safe? If your dog is sneezing consistently, they may have a sore nose. Pimples on the skin, violent shaking of the head and excessive scratching of the eyes are also telltale signs. Beware of visible abscesses and pus discharge, can cause bacterial infections.

The best way to ensure protection for your dog is to be as preventable as possible. Stay alert in all areas where your dog plays. Make sure there is no grass that can be found and check your animal regularly.

All care is little … Enjoy to share this highly crucial information with all animal lovers!

Fonte: Goodfullness


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