Veterinary doctor cures pet plush that belongs to an autistic girl

What do you do when your pet is sick? Do you look for a veterinary? That is exacly what little Jazmine, a 6-years-old girl did.

The autistic girl was worried about Donnie for days, her little friend, a plush cat. Facing her daughter’s suffering, her mother, Susie Efigenio, called a Washington clinic in the United States. Luckily, a very nice vet, Dr. Maier, agreed to make an appointment for Donnie.

Jazmine arriving at the clinic with her friend Donnie (Photo: Pioneer Veterinary Clinic/Susie Efigenio)

In the clinic’s social networks was disclosed how the service was.

Patient information: Donnie, domestic cat;
Complaint: bruised on the right front foot;
Physical examination: normal heart and lungs, a small laceration on the right front foot
Treatment: bandage on the right front foot, continue for a few days;
Home care: to give extra love and affection until he is better, “the publication says.”After a thorough examination and a quick dressing, we hope Donnie gets fully recovered,” he says.

The post had a lot of reach on the social networks and Dr. Maier won thousands of admirers. “Faith in humanity, is restored” wrote one. “What a beautiful example of pure goodness,” says another. “I know the little girl will remember this for the rest of her life,” says one follower. Certainly, a moment to be remembered forever, don’t you think?

Doctor Maier bandaging Donnie (Photo: Pioneer Veterinary Clinic/Susie Efigenio)

Source: Revista Crescer


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