Veterinarian saves dog from euthanasia and he ends up being adopted by a loving family

This dog named Emu had a very difficult life. He was dumped at the vet to be sacrificed, but fortunately the vet knew that this dog still had so much life in it.

Instead of sacrificing the Emu, the vet asked if he could attend the Sidewalk Specials Adoption Day event. From there, Emu found a temporary home to live with. While living with his temp, he was also taken by Vet Point to begin the healing process of him and his body.

Emu was nervous at first, but when he realized that these people were there to help him, he started to let go. Despite all that he had been through, he was very friendly and kind.

He loved attention and just wanted to love and be loved. But adopting an older dog is not easy, let alone one that is not in the best shape as the Emu. But his rescuers did not give up.

Finally, the Sidewalk Special Adoption Day event has arrived. Emu’s temporary owner wasn’t sure if he would find a home there, but to everyone’s surprise, he found it! His foster family sat with him all day and covered him with love to make him feel safe.

Two months later, he went to live in his new home and even had a new name – Nutzie! He still has a new puppy brother named Sahara, and the two are completely inseparable. They get along so well and like to play and snuggle together.

Now he is a happy and healthy dog with a loving family who will always take care of him. He had a second chance at life because of a vet who believed in him! Every dog like Emu deserves a second chance. Adopt, don’t buy!

Watch your amazing transformation in the video below.

It’s hard to believe he’s the same dog! But Emu has gone from a dirty stray dog to a beautiful family pet who keeps wagging his tail or smiling.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site


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