Vet warns all animal owners about a popular toy that took a dog’s life

Owning a pet is a very serious matter and a big responsibility. If you have a dog, you know that you need to feed him regularly, and make sure nothing bad happens to him. Pets also need a lot of love, affection and, of course, physical exercise … One way to make sure they move and spend energy is by buying them some toys. But in some cases this can go wrong …

Unfortunately, there are some toys that can choke your pet due to the format they have. The last thing you want is to buy an object that can cause suffering to your animal. Jamie Stumpf has always been a very careful and responsible lady. When the woman bought a new ball for her companion Maximus, she had no idea that a simple hole in the toy was going to cause her so much trouble.

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When Maximus bit the ball, it was all squeezed and no air inside. The poor dog ended up with his tongue caught in the hole of the toy. His tongue swelled immediately, and by the time they got to the vet it was too late … The animal had choked to death!

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If your pet has one of these toys, make sure to get it out of your house immediately! If you do not want to throw it away, always be alert when your pet is playing with it. Do not let him out of your reach … Your supervision is crucial to saving the life of your animal.

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No family should be subject to bury their precious animal because of something so preventable! If you want to keep your pet safe and sound, get rid of those toys … And in the future, if you buy some kind of toy, do some research first. Do not get something that will cause suffering to your pet!

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Stay informed. It is important to share and spread this story to prevent situations like this from happening again!

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