No dogs wanted to play with this blind pup – so he met a very special friend

When Linguini arrived at his new home, no one knew he was blind. The pup was always very confident and sociable… So everyone thought he was just a clumsy little dog. Even Linguini himself did not seem to notice that he was different from the other dogs.

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“Most people, including some vets, would never guess he’s blind.”, Sarah Bowley, Linguini’s mother.

Linguini is a very friendly dog, who loves meeting new people and dogs. However, sometimes his intense excitement is too much for other animals.

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“Because he’s blind but also super energetic, he tends to jump with his paws outstretched and I think that’s a little too much for other dogs.” Due to his intense reactions, Linguini always had many difficulties in making friends. Until he met his new brother: Future!

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Future was special

Future seemed to be able to detect the needs of everyone around him. The family hoped he could be the perfect friend for Linguini, and it turns out they were right. From the moment they met, Linguini and Future became best friends.

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Linguini and Future are always together

They can play for hours, until they just can not run anymore. In addition, they love to sit together on the couch to regain their energy. Since Linguini is blind, he has learned to follow Future’s suggestions and often mimics his behavior.

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Now, they are inseparable and do not let anything disrupt their friendship.

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Source: The Dodo


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