Very smart cat visits store every day to ask people to buy food for him

While passing a shop near her home in Mexico, Tania Sants noticed a certain someone standing in front.

It was a white cat, sitting alone. But his presence was far from random.

As Sants knew, the smart cat had chosen the location with a very specific goal in mind.

After greeting the kitten, Sants was surprised to find him inside the store. When she started walking down the aisle, the cat blocked her way. He happened to be leading her to a particular section of the store.

That’s where they kept the cat treats. Sure, she bought some for him.

On Sants’ next visit to the store, she looked for the cat, but he wasn’t in front.

This time, she found him waiting for her inside. Where exactly? You guessed it.

Speaking to the store employees, Sants came to learn that the cat comes to the store every day trying to convince people to buy him treats. Afterward, he always departs, though to where, no one knew.

The cat had a house? Sants was determined to find out.

On her following trip to the store, there he was again. This time, Sants decided to film his clever coaxing toward the cat treat display:

Posted by Tania Sants on Friday, March 20, 2020

This time, after buying the cat the treats he ordered, Sants followed him in silence. He finally settled in a vacant place off the road; after all, he was a street cat, and that was the closest thing he had to a home.

That night, Sants decided to offer him something better.

“I took him to my house and adopted him”, Sants said.

How long the cat stayed homeless is unknown, but life on the streets was not easy for him. His fur was a little tangled, and he lost his ass somehow.

But now he had a family with Sants and his other cat.

Sants has been talking to the store staff ever since, in case a possible owner was trying to find him.

“They told me no one had looked for him”, Sants said. “They thanked me for taking him home”.

Before going out the door, Sants did some shopping – this time without being asked.

“I bought him a lot of treats”, she said.

Source: The Dodo


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