Couple adopts unwanted orphan from China – the girl’s first word leaves her mother in tears

Lucy is a sweet girl who has Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, due to her illness, she became an unwanted orphan in the first six years of her life. The girl had been living in an orphanage since she was born in her home country, China. Luckily, fate took a major turnaround, and Lucy was one of the few children with special needs to be adopted. The girl was taken to the United States, where a family waited anxiously for her.

Youtube – Human Kind

Brent and Audrey Shook could hardly wait to meet their new daughter. They had five biological children, but the couple were eagerly awaiting Lucy’s arrival as she strolled through the gates of Houston Texas airport.

But the meeting was much better than they expected. When little Lucy finally arrived, Audrey’s eyes radiated with joy. The woman had to put her hands over her mouth to control the emotions she felt. Without delay, she ran towards the girl, who surprised her saying: Momma!

Youtube – Human Kind

See the emotional moment when the unwanted orphan finally gets a forever family!

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