Brothers face each other on ice – seconds later, they do an unusual dance leaving everyone jaw dropping

Ice skating is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and graceful sports in the world. It’s a combination of gymnastics and dance – and it takes a lot of skill and focus to get a person to stand on the tiny, thin blades of the skates! John and Sinead Kerr are part of this small group of talented skaters. But the duo is not like all the others… and the unusual dance you’ll see next is an example of that.


John and Sinead are brother and sister, and they also get along very well on ice. They have exactly what it takes to entertain a crowd. The siblings are known for their freestyle dancing, which basically means they do the routine “as if no one else was watching”! The result could be a disaster, but the pair recruited the help of a professional choreographer to make sure that each of their moves left the audience asking for more.

Their energetic routine doesn’t disappoint! It’s full of unique tricks and smooth movements.


At the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, the pair melted the ice with their hot performance. The brothers were both in skirts, but that was not the most unusual. The choice of Scottish music and the different movements made the brothers rock!


There are times when it seems that Sinead will fall because of some risky tricks. At one point in the routine, Sinead gets literally upside down, clinging to her brother as they spin. She holds him with one hand and John doesn’t use his hands!

The crowd loved the performance! They are holding flags, jumping up and down and screaming from the stands.


Watch the incredible performance below!

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Source: Faith Tap


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