Firefighters cut down a tree and can’t stop laughing with the help of an unlikely volunteer

Generally, firefighters have the help of our four-legged friends for different roles: improving team spirit, releasing work stress, and also taking action for rescues in collapsed structures.

Harderwijk’s fire department in the Netherlands was surprised in one of their jobs by an unexpected volunteer. Before the storm season hit the city, firefighters cut down some trees that were in danger of being pulled by strong winds, avoiding major problems.

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Several residents were witnessing the fall of the tree and recorded the scene, when suddenly everyone began to laugh. The firefighters didn’t understand what was happening, when they noticed the presence of someone very lovely.

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A dog in the area saw firefighters pulling the rope and thought they would need help. The dog didn’t hesitate to approach and pull the tree with them. His owner was close by, but nothing was imposed between his desire to help.

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The dog provided a very entertaining moment, among all those present, and his mission was a success!

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Fortunately, no one was injured on the mission. The dog returned home, as did the rest of the neighbors who witnessed the scene. Check out the lovely moment in the video below:


Firefighters can’t stop laughing with the help of an unlikely volunteer

Certainly, the firefighters were very grateful for this precious help. Share this funny clip with your friends and family!

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