No one at the wedding knew what she was hiding under the dress – so the dog smells her and realizes something is wrong

Often when dogs behave strangely there’s a reason behind it, and there’s already more than enough evidences that they can feel when something is wrong. The story we’re going to see today is a great example of that. During a wedding in Nigeria, none of the guests believed that something was wrong. However, a puppy sensed something bad and eventually saved the day.

A large group of guests gathered for a wedding in Belbelo, Nigeria, including most of the villagers. However, barely they knew their lives were in danger. In the middle of the confusion, a young woman approached with a bomb hidden under her dress… And she was prepared to detonate it at any moment!

It was then that a dog, who belonged to one of the guests, realized that something was wrong. The four-legged hero turned to the woman and attacked her. “The dog prevented the suicide bomber from detonating his explosive devices in the crowd of people.”, said local police spokesman Victor Isuku.

Daily Mail

Instead of the tragic and predictable result, the bomb exploded away from the guests. Both the woman and the dog died, but thanks to the animal’s courageous attitude, all the guests left unharmed. Now the puppy is being hailed as a hero, as he sacrificed his life to save the day. The dog is really a man’s best friend and this story is proof of that!

Rest in peace, hero…

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Source: The Animal Bible


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