Unconscious dog lying on the side of road gets help in time and survives

Animal Aid received a call on their hotline about an unconscious dog lying in the road. When they arrived, the dog didn’t respond to being petted. Rescuers knew they needed to get him back to be treated right away to try and help this boy out.

The drops of blood coming from the dog’s nose suggested he may have been hit on the head at some point, so that’s where they began. Staff started treatment for a potential brain injury and hoped he would respond. The dog did respond to pain which meant he wasn’t fully comatose. It was a good sign.

And the next day, the sweet dog woke up! The pup started to eat and wobbled around a bit but couldn’t balance well enough to walk on his own just yet. It would take some time, but his recovery would be a success. Just take a look at Chestnut now!

If you’d like to help Animal Aid continue to rescue street animals, you can donate here.

Source: I Love My Dog


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