Talented boy plays the ukulele and hypnotizes everyone

I’ve always known that some people are born with a special gift. But after seeing this little boy, there is no doubt. Despite his young age, he already plays ukulele like a pro… or, I venture to say, even better than one!

Playing ukulele like a pro

The boy’s name is Feng E, and he is impressing the Internet with his musical talent. Playing in the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, Feng is playing a version of Tommy Emmanuel’s Classic Gas in the ukulele. Apparently, his father also plays the instrument, and taught the boy basic chords… the rest was talent and dedication!

He plays the ukulele with great ease, and is able to embarrass some artists who have long been in the music world! The child plays the strings like a professional musician with a long career. I can only imagine what he will be like when he grows up.

After watching the video, someone wrote, “You teach? Awesome!” I sure would not mind taking lessons from this great little artist!

Watch his video playing ukulele and you will understand our enthusiasm:

The boy makes a complicated song look super easy to play… what great talent! Share if you also loved this wonderful child’s gift.

Source: Bles


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