Police breaks a house door and finds two girls in bed with their deceased father

Chris Daykin was often alone with his two daughters, as his wife Helen often traveled on business. Recently, in Helen’s absence, he stopped bringing the girls to school. Although the children didn’t show up in class, the teachers didn’t call their mother. However, the grandmother found it odd Chris didn’t answer his calls, so she decided to go to their house to find out if everything was all right. It was then that she saw the blinds closed and called the police, who found the dead man next to the two girls in bed.

This unfortunate situation occurred in Halifax, UK. Chris was a very loving father and husband, and loved spending time with his daughters Pearl, age 4, and Iris, 2. Knowing her husband’s marvelous personality, Helen didn’t hesitate to leave her daughters with him when she went on a business trip. He was very responsible, and the wife knew the girls would be in good hands.

But, one day, Chris didn’t take the girls to school. The teachers called their father, who didn’t answer, but they didn’t even try to contact Helen, who was absent due to her work. Helen also tried to contact Chris that morning but, when the man didn’t pick up, she assumed he was busy with the girls or had no cell phone available.

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But Chris’s absence continued all day, and the girls’ grandmother went to the family home to find out what was wrong. It was then that she noticed that the blinds were low. Concerned, she called the police. When they arrived, the officers broke through the door and faced a terrible scene. In bed, Pearl and Iris were lying next to their father. Chris had died the night before with a heart attack. He was only discovered at 8:00 p.m. And the girls spent almost a whole day with their dead father.

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In addition to the sadness of losing her husband, Helen was even more shattered to learn that her daughters were alone with their deceased father. The girls spent the whole day on the top floor. They played with Helen’s shoes and makeup, but they didn’t dare to come to the bottom floor in fear of leaving their father alone.

When they saw that they couldn’t wake their father, they looked for pills and put them in his mouth. In the end, the girls gave up and went to bed with him. It must have been terrible for Pearl and Iris, even if they didn’t fully understand what was happening.

Although more than a year has passed since Chris is not with them, Helen wants to share her tragic story so schools can be more alert. If the parents don’t warn that the children will not show up, that’s probably a sign that something wrong has happened to them.

Facebook – Helen Daykin

Helen says the school should contact parents when students don’t show up. If the mother or father doesn’t respond, they should call someone else. Or, if the school can’t do it, teachers should do it. Share so that more schools and day care centers are aware of the importance of keeping in touch with parents!

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