Two friends give up their jobs to travel around the country rescuing dogs

Lee Asher was earning a six-figure salary as a corporate trainer, but he just wasn’t getting any sense of true fulfillment. So he and his best friend decided to quit their jobs, sell everything they owned, and pack up their bags to live life out on the road.

It was easy to assume the pair were just going through your standard run of the mill mid-life crisis but, that was far from it! No, the two animal lovers who share 10 dogs between them were on a mission.

A mission to rescue shelter dogs from all over the country and find them the perfect forever home.

With little more than their RV and the clothes on their backs to call their own, Lee and his pal started ‘The Asher house’. A charitable foundation centered around encouraging others to adopt rather than shop dogs.

“We quit our jobs, we got out of our leases, we got rid of everything. We wanted to be solely focused on this.” Asher explains.

It took a huge leap of faith on Asher’s part and for the first six months, things were tough. With vet bills alone, amounting to $8,000, Asher racked up a huge amount of debt. However, he refused to give up on his vision.

Three years on it’s clear the risks paid off; with the foundation now being sponsored by several companies including Canidae dog food as well as being supported by generous animal lovers from all over the world.

Asher and his battalion of rescue dogs have now traveled to over 31 of the 50 US states, hosting adoption events and have managed rescued over 90 dogs in total.

When asked what the hardest part of the job is, Asher admits that becoming overly attached to the dogs is an issue.

“It’s not about what I want. It’s about what is best for the animals, and that’s what makes fostering so difficult,” he said. “You really have to tell yourself from the beginning, ‘I’m not keeping the dog.’” He explains.

With a mission to find every shelter dog in America a home, Asher and co, have a lot of work to do and we’re certainly rooting for them.

If you’d like to keep up with Asher, his pal, and their mighty broad of rescue dogs, you can follow them on Instagram @theasherhouse.

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Source: WOOF


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