Two-faced kitten is adopted by a loving family

A family woke up with a big surprise. The barn cat gave birth to a two-faced little kitten.

Kyla King and his family from Albany, Oregon, take care of cats who came to his barn and made him their home. One of the cats was pregnant. As she approached her date of birth, Kyla set up a box for the future mother cat.

On Wednesday morning, Kyla went to check on the spotted cat and found a litter of new babies.

As she examined them one by one, she was impressed with what she discovered – one of the kittens has two little faces.

“He was the last one I saw, and from behind, he looked like all the other kittens. The head didn’t look too big until I looked closer and was really surprised with both faces,” said the King family.

The family sought out the vet for advice to help the kitten, whom they called Biscuits. Since he had trouble breastfeeding, Kyla started feeding bottles all the time to make sure he received enough nutrients for his development.

Cookies have two mouths, two pairs of eyes, and two ears. “Feeding cookies is a little tricky because it has a cleft palate,” added Kyla. “I have to put a little drop in his mouth, one at a time, so he can swallow.”

To help the kitten maximize its food intake, Kyla feeds it in one month and then alternates in the other. The kitten showed a strong will to live. While he sucks on one mouth, he sucks on the other.

“I’ve been trying to feed him and I’ll do the best I can,” said Kyla.

Biscuits were born with a congenital condition known as diprosopus. Cats with this rare condition are often referred to as Janus Cats. The Janus cat that lived the longest is Frankenlouie, who had 15 incredible years. Duo, another two-faced miracle cat, found her at home forever on the last Thanksgiving and is almost 11 months old to date.

Watch Biscuits, the two-faced kitten, in this video:

The mother cat of cookies shows little interest in taking care of the kitten. The King family has given him a fake mother to tuck him in, and Kyla is giving him extra hugs and TLC to help him thrive.

The miracle kitten is doing well so far. They don’t know how long he will live, but they are doing their best to make sure he is loved and cared for.

The little spotted cat is lively and cuddly, just like his brothers, despite having two faces.

“Cookies is definitely a gift for us. We’re doing everything we can for sugar and he’s a fighter.”

Source: Love Meow


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