Two dogs that lived with a cruel owner are rescued, but only Bruno survived

Bruno and his brother lived with an extremely disinterested and abusive owner. After life-threatening neglect and hunger, they were reduced to a pack of bones. Their cruel owner simply handed them over to be sacrificed.

But the shelter decided to help them get the necessary medical help. However, on his way to the vet, Bruno’s brother passed away, which broke him further. After that, the light inside Bruno went out completely, and his hurt and depressed behavior turned him into an “unwanted” prospect of adoption.

Shelter workers hid Bruno in a stable to protect him from being sacrificed. They shared their sad story on social media and soon people were thrilled by their brutally unhappy circumstances. Thanks to several requests, Bruno and some other dogs were removed from the death list!

The Sidewalk Specials helped Bruno and the other dogs get regular check-ups and clean them up. Soon everyone was on their way to find their eternal homes! After years of trauma, Bruno realized that his life was about to change. He finally felt safe and fell asleep in the car!

In his new home forever, Bruno melted at the feel of his mother’s loving touch for the first time. He hugged his mother and canine brother in his sunny garden, closed his eyes to take a nap, and thanked the stars for leaving the darkness behind!

Click on the video below to watch Bruno’s exciting journey from abuse and loss to finding a home!

Source: I Love My Dog


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