Two dogs are adopted and ‘hired’ by a restaurant

Can you imagine going to lunch in a restaurant and being greeted by the two cutest hosts in the world? Without a doubt, this is every animal lover’s dream.

Recently, a restaurant captivated social media for its grand gesture to two homeless dogs.

It all happened in the state of Toluca, Mexico. In a restaurant called Rancheros del Sur, and the protagonists of this tender story were two puppies named Costilla and Adobada, alluding to two very popular dishes in the region.

Costilla and Adobada were two street dogs that, like many, wandered the dangerous streets and approached establishments in the hope of receiving some food. And in one of their many adventures, they ended up finding the home they had always wanted.

They just wanted to be loved.

The restaurant employees could not help but resist the look and sincere smile of the two dogs. They immediately understood that they should do something to help them and decided to adopt them. They became outstanding members of the restaurant staff.

It has been 3 years since the restaurant employees adopted the cute puppies. But only now have they decided to share with everyone the story behind those dazzling smiles that have already gone viral around the world.

They have a beautiful smile.

They are security guards now.

Most importantly, Costilla and Adobada are happier than ever to receive new friends and to be treated like the two stars that they are. Congratulations puppies, you deserve this and more!

We can all help homeless animals. Don’t leave without sharing this emotional story and help raise awareness about animal adoption.

Source: Zoorprendente


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