Turtle is saved after being found with a hook stuck in her throat

A sea turtle was found near the sea in pain with a hook inside her throat and was about to die.

The poor animal was wrapped in fishing threads and hooks when found in Paul do Mar, Madeira Island in Portugal. Those responsible for the rescue managed to take the turtle to a pier and then removed all that garbage trapped in her, but unfortunately, they noticed that there was a hook inside her throat, impossible to be removed at the moment.

Then the turtle was put in reverse so that it would not escape and biologists from the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) went to her rescue.

Later the turtle was collected and delivered to the care of the Marine Biology Station for treatment.

The IFCN recalled that “these turtles weigh about 20 grams when they are born, but adults can exceed 200 kilos. They are known to make long journeys across the oceans, making dives that can reach a hundred meters of depth, remaining submerged for nearly 30 minutes.

By the age of 20 these animals reach maturity and return to the beaches where they were born to mate and lay eggs. The Caribbean, Cape Verde, and Mauritania are places in the Atlantic where they usually build nests.

Females can lay more than a hundred eggs. They usually lay three or four eggs in the same year, spaced out for a few weeks. After that, they are up to three years old without re-nesting.

They feed essentially on other animals, such as molluscs, crabs, jellyfish, anemones, and even fish”.


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