Mother gives birth to triplets – 7 years later, doctors announce shocking news

Courtney Garrett and her husband Philip have always dreamed of having a large family. Because they couldn’t get pregnant, they had to resort to fertility treatments. Luckily, everything went well, better than they even expected: the woman became pregnant with triplets! The couple could not have been more radiant to hear that Courtney was going to bring three children to the world. So, in 2009, the expected moment came, and they were parents of two boys and a girl.

Unexpected news

Jack, Oliver and Ellie grew up healthy, and they became happy, intelligent children. But, seven years after this great joy, the couple received surprising news from their doctors.

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The couple decided to do another fertility treatment to have another baby, and the result was incredible. The woman became pregnant with triplets again! The doctors could hardly believe it when they looked at the ultrasound… Courtney was speechless, and asked the doctors how it was possible she was pregnant with three babies again. It was there that she received an even more unexpected explanation.

Rare triplets

At the same time as Courtney did in vitro fertilization, she also became pregnant naturally. One of the eggs split, and the woman was left with a pair of identical twins and a sister. That being said, the second pair of triplets came to the world thanks to artificial and natural fertilization, all in one pregnancy! The phenomenon is very rare, and left parents and doctors in absolute shock.

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“The doctors had never seen anything like it before,” her mother said. “When I told my family and friends they said, ‘Are you kidding ?!'” When the parents told the children that their mother was pregnant again, they didn’t like the novelty much… But, when the brothers were born, the older triplets could not have been more radiant.

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“We gave each older brother a younger brother based on the birth order, which helped them unite and fall in love with them,” Courtney said. It’s very difficult to manage such a large family, but the truth is that they are very happy and love each other more than anything in the world! Now, the Garett family has 8 members, and every older triplet has a little brother to care for.

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