Sweet tribute of a young man to his mother is melting thousands of hearts

The love we feel for a mother is unique, and the homage of a tribute man we will see next is proof of that. Diego Carreón lives in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, and has moved thousands of people around the world. After publishing a video where he dedicates a beautiful song to his mother, it has become viral.

Excited at the impact of the video, he commented: “Thank you all for your pleasant comments, she is not my grandmother… She is my mother,” Diego said, after reading the comments from people who thought she was his grandmother, because of the woman’s age.

“I always sing songs for her and it’s true, this one lacked the hug. I always record videos in honor of her… Our mother is everything and, thanks to her, we are in this world!,” added Diego, in an attempt to raise awareness of the importance of giving thanks for our parents.

As you can see in the pictures, Diego sings to the mother while she listens intently in her wheelchair. The young man’s simple gesture deserves to be seen and shared so that more people value their parents while they are alive.

See the exciting moment that Diego shared on Facebook and moved half the world:

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Source: Bles Inspirador


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