Mother shares an alert after her daughter is nearly abducted from a travel resting area

After a long drive, most people want to get off the road to use the bathroom and get some rest. This is a typical experience for people who have crossed many kilometers by car. But the situation with Abby Sue and her daughter in a travel resting area is completely out of the ordinary.

It all started when they were driving near Batesville, Indiana. She and her daughter made a quick stop to use the bathroom. However, some dangerous criminals have been waiting for this stop for some time. Now, Abby is talking about her terrible encounter in the travel resting area, hoping she can help someone stay safe in the future.

As soon as Abby and her daughter arrived home after their long trip, she ran to the computer to share her gruesome story. She had no idea that so many people would be interested in what happened. See what the mother wrote below:

Danger in the travel resting area

“So we are driving home from Cincinnati and got off at a rest stop for a quick bathroom break. Just my daughter and I went inside (I didn’t have my phone or purse on me). As we were walking in, some lady (who appeared to be on something) was trying to talk to my daughter. I held her hand the entire way in and walked swiftly ahead.

As the lady was trying to talk to us, she was also lighting a cigarette which she immediately extinguished upon us entering the building. We went to far-end handicap stall and went in together.

I heard the lady enter and she was talking to another lady about us – I heard her say ‘the little girl.’ I told my daughter we weren’t washing hands and I was going to carry her out. As we leave, I passed both women

Tip Hero
Quick thinking

The [woman] I originally saw changed clothes and started to leave after us, leaving her bag on the floor of the stall she was in. The other lady with her was probably 6 feet tall.

I then made a dead sprint to the car, threw my daughter in and locked doors. Once we were safely in the car, I noticed three men standing in front of a gold minivan with all the doors open… We called 9-1-1 and reported. I have this terrible feeling that, had I not been aware of my surroundings, my daughter may have been taken from me. It is a terrifying world we are living in.

I wanted to share to try to remind everyone to be aware of your surroundings, hold on to your children and stay off your phones so you are not distracted!

This was at a rest stop around mile marker 151 (Batesville) heading west on I -74.”

Human trafficking is a problem for the whole world. Without Abby’s quick thinking, they could easily kidnap her daughter. This is such an important reminder to keep your eyes open and call the police when something doesn’t feel right. Doing so can save a life! Share it so others can be on the lookout.

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