Traumatized dog pees with fear every time she hears a human voice approaching

Many animals are subject to great injustices, which slowly end up breaking their hearts, plunging them into deep sadness and making them feel afraid of the humans who caused them so much damage.

Unfortunately, this is what happened to a dog named Gia, who received the worst treatment from her “family” and arrived at a shelter full of fear.

She has a sad past.

When Gia arrived at a small local shelter in Texas, it was obvious that something was wrong with her. She curled up in a panic-filled corner, and every time a human approached her, she shivered even more. Nor could she bear to be touched, if someone touched her, she peed in fear and remained there, very afraid to move.

The reason behind her behavior was the abuse she received throughout her life.

She was tied to a tree and treated in the worst way by its owner, the person who was supposed to fill her with love. Upon receiving abuse, both physical and psychological, her heart broke and almost completely lost the cheerful spirit that once characterized her. She needed help, more than they could give her at the shelter.

Fortunately, the association specializing in the treatment of the most difficult cases of rescued animals, DallasDogRRR, intervened and through love, patience and kindness work, to rehabilitate dogs like Gia.

Gia is at the Dallas Dog shelter and is already making progress. When humans approach her, she hides under the bed, she has stopped peeing when she sees them. It will be difficult for her to reopen her heart to people, but the association’s volunteers hope to reach her.

However, Gia’s behavior toward other animals is different. She likes to play with her canine companions at the shelter, running around and around because she knows they won’t hurt her in any way.

To make Gia lose her fear of humans, the association decided to take her to a temporary foster home, with a traumatized dog specialist. There, she will live with her family and discover that she is safe and that no one will ever hurt her.

Her new temporary mother knows that this is a difficult case, she is not ready to interact with people, but it may be that she is more open through the pure heart of another dog.

“Gia is at home. She didn’t come out of the box used to transport her. She is very afraid, she doesn’t shiver, but she is not yet ready to leave that place. However, her ears were irritated by the sound of my puppy Austin, so I hope he can attract her”, said the caretaker.

She needs a lot of help.

There is a lot of harm that humans can inflict on animals. We hope that one day Gia will be able to leave behind all her sad past and that she can have a happy life she has always deserved.

Share this dramatic story with all your friends. Let’s connect our hearts to Gia’s, to help her heal all her fears.

Source: Zoorprendente


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