Traumatized dog only stared at the shelter wall

Romeo was so sad to come to his kennel and realize that he was alone and without his family that he totally lost the will to live, but his story was about to change.

No one has to tell a dog when his life is terribly wrong. When Romeo arrived at the bustling shelter in New York, this reality became painfully obvious to him.

There are plenty of weird noises and smells. And, most importantly, the sudden absence of what he came to know as a family.

No wonder so many dogs that looked full of life are completely devastated and sad in a shelter. For Romeo, a 7-year-old mixed breed pit bull mixed breed dog was no exception.

“For two days straight, he refused to lift his head from the edge of the kennel. In fact, he didn’t even move a muscle,” wrote Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs in a Facebook post.

Of course, it wasn’t Romeo’s fault that he ended up becoming another number in a shelter. He had already run around a lot.

“He was given to a family friend who kept him for two months, but they didn’t have time for him,” said Kelcy Kimmerer of Second Chance.

But just as the clock ticked incessantly, one day the kennel door also moved to Romeo and finally opened.

Living up to its name, the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs pulled him out. It was the only rescue group that came forward to try to save the traumatized dog. And soon after, Romeo was placed in a temporary home with a loving family.

For a while, things took a decisive turn for the better. In the company of the family, Romeo smiled again.

“He’s extremely kind and friendly,” says Kimmerer. “He needs to be around people to be happy.”

The dog that was once saddened in a cold corner of the kennel suddenly had hope all over its face.

But the foster family could not keep him for long. Kimmerer says it wasn’t Romeo’s fault – “It just wasn’t a good option for him to stay in that house.”

Then he was returned to the rescue.

Romeo just needed to wait a little longer. He had been through a lot already. The puppy has already performed his miracle by escaping from death row. Now he needed to make it lasting.

And that’s what happened, some time later Romeo was adopted by a loving family and even won a dog sister: Porsha. His tutor Karen says he never stops smiling and shows his gratitude every minute of the day.

Spending his days staring at a wall is but a distant, dark step for Romeo today he enjoys happy, loving days with his new family.

You can also give a miracle to an animal. Do not buy, adopt. Just like Romeo there are thousands of dogs waiting for a home in shelters and Zoonosis Centers. Dogs are not products to be bought, the presence of a dog in a person’s life can make all the difference.

Source: ANDA


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