Tragic image becomes viral and shows us why we should think twice before buying a dog

It is scandalous the number of puppies that are slaughtered every day in shelters with a high slaughter rate. Can you imagine this corridor, full of desperate canines after realising that their lives are ending? Despairing is the least we can call it!

What happens when puppies are unwanted?

A Facebook page for animal lovers, from “Emma a Patuda”, chose to publish a disturbing image that quickly became viral, being shared more than 32,000 times!

The image shows us how the death row is in a high slaughter rate shelter. The shelter receives so many animals that the canines of the photo below, are the animals that wait for euthanasia in just one day.

Facebook – Emma’s Paw Prints

Essa imagem mostra-nos como é importante considerar adotar um cachorrinho, ao invés de comprá-lo de um criador. Há sempre uma infinidade de cães que estão em abrigos de animais, à espera de um novo lar.

Emma wrote the following with the published image:

“Try to look at this image for some time. This is just the result of a day of dogs slaughtered in an animal shelter.This happens every day in shelters across the country, including in your city! They were pets, they were offspring of “accidental” births, they were the offspring “against the free good service” ads posted on the web. Everyone of them has a story, and none of them deserved that their story ended like that. Shelters can’t kill those who are not welcome. Then please, we ask you to take really good care of your pet! “.

No dog deserves this fate. Share this story!

Source: Incroyable


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