Daughter bullies a girl with cancer, so the mother decides to teach her a tough lesson

People who suffer from bullying can have lasting scars for the rest of their lives. There are various forms of bullying in schools, at work and even through social networks. Many parents would be devastated to learn that they have a son who plays with the feelings of others in that cruel way. However, the mother we will see next has decided to teach a tough lesson to her daughter that she will never forget.

The woman discovered that her daughter was bullying a girl with cancer because she was bald. Angrily, the progenitor did something that is dividing the internet. Some people agree with the punishment that the mother gave the girl, while others think she went too far.

We’ve all seen videos of parents forcing their kids to apologize for their bad behavior, but the clip below is quite different. Apparently, after discovering the daughter was bullying a girl with cancer, her mother made a drastic decision: she wanted to teach a hard lesson to the girl she would never forget.

So, to show the young woman that what she did was not right, the woman decided to cut her hair! In addition, she recorded the moment and put it on social media, so that everyone could see. The girl is clearly traumatized, and she cries as the strands of hair fall one by one.

See the shocking moment below.

Whatever the reason, this is a very severe punishment. Do you think the daughter deserved it, or did her mother exaggerate? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Source: Newsner


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