Girl realizes she will finally be adopted – the video of the moment touched the world

Paige and Daniel Zezulka believe that the greatest gift you can give to someone is a safe and loving family. This was something they always wanted to do. Therefore, in the last 3 years, the couple was the foster family of three children who dreamed of having loving parents. But it was what they did recently that touched the world.

For several years, Paige and Daniel considered adopting Ivey. Although all three children were less than 10 years old, all of them have gone through a lot. The eldest daughter, Ivey, waited and prayed that one day the couple would adopt her legally. Although they were not her official parents, she already considered them family.


Paige and Daniel loved and cared for the children they had fostered for 3 years. They gave them all the affection they needed, but Ivey would not be happy until she was adopted. However, adoption is an incredibly slow process, and it took a long time for the couple to sign the official papers.

Birthday Surprise

Last week, Paige and Daniel finally got the news they expected. Best of all, they would surprise Ivey on her birthday! The adoptive parents told Ivey that they had “another gift” for her. They presented her with a small box and, as you know, the best things come in small packages


Ivey started to open the box. When she read the sign inside the gift, she began to cry: “I’m going to be adopted?!,” said the girl in tears of happiness. The surprise of Ivey’s adoption was seen more than 6 million times. Honestly, as soon as she started crying, I also couldn’t hold back the tears.

“We love you, sweetheart. We’ll always be your parents,” whispered Daniel to Ivey. Paige was so happy with Ivey’s enthusiasm that she had to share her precious time on Facebook. “This will be my favourite video I ever share. This was the day we told our daughter that we were going to be able to adopt her (and her brother and sister)!”

Official adoption

On the 24th of August, the court officially gave the three children to the family. “She (Ivey) had been praying to be adopted and we found out on her birthday that it was going to happen! God’s timing was perfect! Our kids spent 1,128 days in foster care, over 3 years. It is so hard for children to live in such uncertainty. Adoption is amazing and we want others to know that adopting older children and sibling groups can be the most beautiful adventure you could ever have!,” shared the mom.


Don’t forget to watch the surprise of Ivey’s adoption in the video below.

Ivey’s adopted has touched millions, and we were also very moved to see how wonderful adoption is. Share if you agree!

Source: Happiest


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