Couple argument lead dog to be tossed from the 3rd floor of an apartment

Unfortunately, many animals end up getting hurt due to irresponsible and unreasonable attitudes from humans. Helpless animals continue to suffer every day because they end up in the wrong hands, and something has to be done to change this terrible tendency!

It only takes a look at this little dog, to understand that she is in some pain. The poor girl was thrown from the third floor of an apartment during an argument between a couple. She had her neck fractured as well as her pelvis and her ribs. Police found the poor animal in an alley in Chicago and then rushed for help.

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Couple argument lead dog to be tossed from the 3rd floor

Melvin Coleman, 37, was arrested for tossing the poor dog from the 3rd floor of an apartment. Coleman’s girlfriend owned the animal… However, the woman eventually agreed to surrender her to Chicago Animal Care and Control. The beautiful girl, now called Callie, was taken care of by the Veterinarian Specialty Center in Chicago.

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Her medical expenses quickly hit $ 18,000! Fortunately, some people decided to show their compassion and help… Don Levin, co-owner of the Chicago Wolves, donated $ 6,000 to pay her medical bills. Callie is now with a foster family and, little by little, she is getting better!

Facebook – Fetching Tails Foundation
Watch the poor girl’s condition:

Her recovery will take a few months and she will be put to adoption as soon as she is ready. Share this story if you are against animal abuse!

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