Man tortures the neighbor’s dog with a drone, then dog gets the best possible revenge

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, laws are struggling to keep pace with new trends. Usually, these aircraft are used for fun and do not pose a threat. However, from time to time the less good things happen…

One man thought it would be fun to use his drone to tease the neighbor’s innocent dog. The owner of the air vehicle thought that it was his right to fly wherever he wanted, since nobody “owns the air”. So he decided to take his “toy” to the neighbor’s dog and provoke him.

The owner of the animal called the police and called for their intervention in the case. They agreed and issued a warning to the culprit. However, the man continued to insult the poor dog with his drone…

Then one day the dog had enough! He took the drone in his mouth and tore it to pieces. The man took the dog owner to the court, for he was sure the law would be on his side, since one of his belongings was damaged. However, he could not be more wrong!

The dog owner came to court prepared! He showed the judge all the medical bills associated with the cruel behavior of the owner of the aircraft, including the exams and x-rays of his dog. The poor dog’s mental suffering was also well documented, as were the photos of the man’s property.

The judge ruled that the drone owner should pay $ 2,000 in restitution and cover all medical bills. In addition, he also handed the man over to the FAA for investigation of possession of an unregistered drone.

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Source: I Love My Dog


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