Sickening video: 6-year-old boy is on his way to the bathroom when his teacher does the unimaginable

When we leave our children in school, we trust that they are in good hands. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. A 6-year-old boy wanted to go to the bathroom, and when he left, the teacher did something completely unacceptable. The cruel act was captured by the cameras and is shocking parents all over the world!

After Ian went to the bathroom, he was arrested by Professor Barb Williams at the door. According to Riverdale School in Ohio, United States, the women has always been an excellent professional. However, she was caught red-handed by the school’s security cameras doing something horrible. She pushed the boy’s head against the wall and then grabbed the boy by the shirt and lifted him into the air.

Youtube – ABC15 Arizona

The revolting situation occurred on May 7, and his parents were very sad. Barb had 10 days of suspension without payment, and was able to return to her duties after the incident. But the child’s parents, Anthony and Autumn, are not happy with the school’s decision!

When they learned that Barb was going to stay in school, Ian’s parents asked if the child could change class. And although Ian is afraid to go back to school and find Barb again, the school did nothing. “If I did the teacher what she did to my son, I would have ended up in prison,” says Ian’s father.

The school treated the subject as if it were not serious, and the parents also did not discover the seriousness of the situation until they saw the images of the security camera. Only then did they realize how dramatic the situation was.

Youtube – ABC15 Arizona

Ian was pushed so hard against the wall that, according to his parents, he had bruises on his head. Despite everything that happened, the director does not want to fire Barb Williams, who he says is a very good teacher. How is it possible?!

As the school does not want to talk about it again, this inadmissible attitude has already been reported to the police, school authorities and social services.

Youtube – ABC15 Arizona

This can not happen anymore. Children should not have to be afraid to go to school. I hope the police investigate the case and give the teacher the condemnation she deserves. She should not go back to working with children again! See the horrible images below… if you are sensitive, do not watch the footage.

The school decided that the teacher should be suspended for only 10 days without pay. What did you think of that decision? Did the woman get what she deserved or should she be fired? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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