Son builds useful tiny home so his father can still live alone

When Josh Wynne’s father began to grow old and needed more help, Josh had the idea of building a tiny house for him. He wanted a house in which his father could move easily, and didn’t require much maintenance. That would allow him to still live alone and be independent, just as he always wanted.

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The house was named┬áMike’s Hammock, in honor of Josh’s father Mike. The man built the tiny house on his Florida estate, so he could keep his father around. The house is small but very functional. It has a bedroom, a bathroom and a very chic kitchen, as well as a living room.

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Sustentable House

Josh used many environmentally sustainable products when he built the tiny house, because he also wanted to make a project that was good for the environment. He used local and recycled products, including the structure of the house, which he purchased from a construction site. The man built the house carefully to keep energy costs low for his father. The bills are around 25 dollars per month.

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He also designed the building efficiently, with many large windows and natural lighting, so the father can sit and watch the wildlife nearby.

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Josh also worked hard to accommodate the health problems of his father Mike, who was limited mobility. The space is well equipped to handle wheelchairs and walkers. The shower has a folding seat and a support bar. In addition, the cabinets are accessible from lower angles.

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The kind son also made sure to plant three trees for each piece of wood he had used in the house. What an awesome guy!

Would you consider building a small home for your elderly parents? Or would you live in one your children would build for you? This sounds like a great idea! Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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