Tiny Border Terrier is found in a bag with paws tied

Humans are capable of committing despicable acts with animals. Unfortunately, this is what happened in the UK with a puppy just eight weeks old. A small Border Terrier was found in a woman’s purse and his paws were cruelly tied with a rubber band.

Facebook – RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital

Fortunately, a passer-by discovered the bag and quickly took the puppy to the RSPCA, a large animal protection organization. The puppy could’ve died of cold, thirst, or suffocation… Fortunately, he was found right on time. The Pup had a significant trauma, including digestive disorders related to lack of food.

Facebook – RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital

Luckily, the puppy named Radley is fine now. Soon, he’ll be ready for adoption and he’s expected to have a “fan club”.

Facebook – RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital

Meanwhile, authorities are looking for CCTV footage to find the woman who abandoned this puppy in such a bad way. Fortunately, the puppy is recovering from this nightmare, while receiving all the love and affection of the world. Share this story with your friends and family!

Source: Incroyable


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