Tigress mistreated in Circus finally gets all the love she deserves

A tigress who suffered from mistreatment and neglect on a Circus recently discovered another way of life. This Bengal tiger, known as Aasha, is now a completely new feline. And now she also has a new husband to accompany her on her journey.

When Aasha was rescued, she was only nine months old but seemed too small for her age. At just 13 pounds, Aasha weighed the same as a three-month-old tiger should weigh.

In addition, Aasha suffered from falling hair all over her body while her skin cracked and bled. She was in bad shape, and it did not look like she would survive to tell the story.

When In-Sinc’s Texas Animal Education and Rescue Center discovered more about Aasha, they wondered why a nine-month-old tiger was so small. As they looked more carefully, they discovered that Aasha suffered from various problems that did not receive proper treatment, in addition to all other negligence.

Aasha used to be part of a circus that housed her with other tigers who attacked her. The In-Sync team found she had ringworm.

When that problem was identified, Aasha was treated. For treatment, the tigress received medicinal baths. Although she hated her new routine at first, she soon got used to it. She began diving into the tub as her health improved drastically.


When Aasha’s health began to stay as it should have, she was released to stay with the other tigers. Placed next to a tiger named Smuggler, Aasha and her new friend quickly fell in love.

Although the attraction between Aasha and Smuggler was undeniable, the In-Sync team needed to be sure that the larger tiger would not hurt her. During a period of supervised “meetings,” team members cared for Aasha and Smuggler.

Soon the two tigers were allowed to live together.

Four years later, the two lovers continue to live a romantic life.

Source: APost


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