This veterinarian walks around the streets of California and treats homeless animals for free

Despite several advances throughout history, living in today’s society still represents a great challenge for some of us.

The poverty has left a part of the population in great misery. If for humans living in poverty is already a difficult task, imagine for a dog or cat that they cannot talk and put themselves in danger much more easily.

Thankfully, there are good people everywhere and Stewart Kwane is a great example. He’s a vet who goes out on the streets with the brave mission of treating the animals of the homeless Californians.

It all started when the Great Recession of the USA came in 2007, Stewart knew that it was time to help those in need.

The 49-year-old man began his journey by paying for food and medicine himself, but now he has a page on GoFoundMe that aims to collect donations to cover the costs of surgeries and medicines for his fluffy patients.

“The cost of minor treatments, such as ear infections, flea treatment or vaccines, can cost about 400 reais, while more serious cases, such as tumor removal or dentistry with extractions, can reach 6000 reais”, explained the man.

The street vet always carries a medical bag so he can stop and help whenever he finds someone in need.

“I have lived the most genuine stories of love, compassion, struggle, and hope”, commented the vet about his work.

The donations at GoFundMe are going very well and Stewart expressed his gratitude by saying he was immensely moved.

There were so many donations that he raised the goal to try to help even more animals!

Because of that, he is now trying to encourage more vets to do the same with the money from the donations!

Source: Portal Do Animal


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