This is the x-ray of a pug. The race that the human being has been destroying

Cross breeding is one of the main factors for the great degeneration of breeds and suffering of animals. One of the races most affected by these laws of Eugenia is the Pug or Carlino.


Most often, canines are condemned to a life of suffering when crossed with other races. Many have respiratory problems due to Human whim. The aesthetic part is something that matters a lot to certain people, so, tried to the maximum that the noses of certain dogs were almost nonexistent, so small they are.

When you see an X-ray of these animals you will understand:


The bones of the face in these dog breeds were compressed, but not the surrounding tissue. This blocks the flow of air, forcing other muscles to work harder for the animal to breathe.

Throughout the life of your little bitty, anatomical mechanisms that compensate for hyperactivity in the canine facial muscles can fail, resulting in a respiratory crisis.

To better understand, compare the radiograph with the cranial bone structure of a German shepherd!

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Although German Shepherd crosses also go wrong and they suffer from various problems in the lower body. The skull is structurally similar to a wolf, an animal from which all dogs descend.


Why do all canines have a long muzzle?

The short answer is because the nose is evolutionarily better. That is, it allows them to track, smell, eat and chew more easily than if they had a short muzzle.

And the pugs?


Hairy with a flattened muzzle, they do not have space in the jawbone for teeth and so often have bite and teething problems, and a greater risk of periodontitis.

As for their eyes, they do not have enough space, hence they are abnormally large. Because they are so close to the nose, they do not have the protection that provides a long snout when they smell the ground and often suffer many more eye injuries.

The serious problem of this cross breed is even breathing!


His nose is tight, his short trachea and palate along which, together, it becomes difficult to breathe normally. This prevents the term regulate properly, which can result in hyperthermia, fainting, sunstroke, digestive problems and sleep apnea.

Health problems have forced them to lead a sedentary life, because they are always tired, with all that implies: A short life expectancy. A feature that shares with other short muzzle breeds, the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Pekingese and Shih-Tzu.

Dogs are our best friends, but is it clear that we are not their best friends? We are directly responsible for the life of suffering that these races lead. This is all because of our selfishness and human vanity to have a canine with these characteristics.

In short, the domestication and breeding of races are destroying our four-legged friends! For everything to be balanced again, we must move away from these practices and let the animals themselves reproduce. Will it ever happen? Let’s hope so, for the sake of our bigeye!


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