This is how drivers react when the school bus stops to drop the kids

A recent video became viral on social networks due to a behavior that should be expected of normal citizens. The attitude of the drivers when the bus stops is exemplary and worthy of being applauded. Whoever made the video was going through the streets of Canada, and couldn’t stop recording that scene.

It all happened the moment a school bus approached the usual stop to drop some elementary school kids. And just when it slows down, something amazing happens. In some countries that don’t respect the laws this would never happen.

Drivers stop after seeing the school bus

Immediately, all vehicles near the bus stop altogether. Seconds later, you see the little ones coming down, saying goodbye happily and greeting the person who receives them at the bus stop.

Traffic laws in Canada indicate that, in the presence of a stopping school bus, other vehicles should stop immediately to avoid an accident. Children are unpredictable beings, and a distracted driver can take their lives in an instant. This type of accident occurs daily in certain countries, where there isn’t the slightest care when driving.


In the video, you can clearly see how all drivers, without exception, have patiently waited for the bus driver to finish dropping off the kids at school. In this country, everyone knows that a little recklessness can put a child’s life in danger.

After the video was released on social networks, the entire internet applauded. “Discipline in Canada… When the school bus leaves the kids, everyone stops,” they wrote on Twitter. The comments online were immediate, because everyone wanted to congratulate these drivers.

Users applaud the gesture

“This is not discipline. It’s the law. You should stop your vehicle if the school bus stops. You should know this before getting your driver’s license. We also have this in the United States,” said one user.

Although short, the 1-minute video reached 20 million views and more than 600,000 reactions. “This is the first world.” “This in my country would never happen.” “That’s why we’ll never be developed,” are some of the comments that were shared.

Many insisted the children take 30 seconds to get off the bus, which for some seems like an eternity. But in Canada, motorists wait patiently without complaining.


This civic attitude is worthy of applause. “It’s not about being first or third world, it’s about priorities, principles.” “How do they do it? Well, like this: putting their foot on the pedal, is that so hard?” other people said.


See the wonderful attitude below:

Let’s spread the video around the world, so that it reaches the last corner of the planet. We hope to build a more respectful society, in therms of laws and life.

Source: Te Importa


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