This gesture of a police guard with a scared and tired dog during a wildfire fire has thrilled the world

The devastating flames produced by forest fires in recent days in Gran Canaria (Spain) seem to have no control.

There were already 3 in a single week at the island, with the tricky terrain the fire becomes more difficult to control and extinguish.

Excessive heat, strong wind and low humidity are all adding up, leaving a total of 10,000 hectares affected and more than 9,000 residents, who in the midst of pain, were forced to leave their homes.

Certainly, these are moments of anguish. Some more sensitive and aware of what they love most have tried to escape with their most valuable belongings, among which animals are numbered.

But unfortunately, others escape without looking back and leave their four-legged friends to their destination as if they were objects and non-sentient beings.


This is how in these difficult scenes trying to mitigate the fire, two heroes of the SEPRONA (Nature Protection Service) of the Civil Guard, of the Las Palmas Commendation, have staged a true act of genuine and selfless love that has brought tears to everyone.

The event came as troops carried out an inspection last Sunday in Cruz de Tejeda to see if anyone else was without evacuation.

In fact, there was no human life, but it was missing someone worth rescuing: an exhausted, disoriented, dehydrated dog.

“I couldn’t get up, nor did I have the strength to escape…”, reported the event on the networks.

“The evacuation was not complete: he was missing,” wrote one journalist next to the video of the Civil Guard heroes who returned hope to humanity.

And that’s how they found him. The troops did not hesitate to approach him and serve him water from their own hands.

A tender image that was a light of hope in the midst of the tragedy.

The agents knew exactly what to do once they got their trust and hydrated it. They stroked his head to make him see that he had nothing to fear. “Everything will be fine, little one!”

The dog, in his desperation to see that he could end his days there, remained hidden in a deep, arid area while he had a thread of faith that some kind soul would return.

His gesture was applauded by thousands of people on the networks: “This image is wonderful,” “I burst into tears,” In the chaos there is still room for sensitivity,” were some of the comments.

The dog belonged to one of the villages in the area, did not carry a microchip, so they could not find their owners. Now she remains in a shelter, waiting for her owner to appear. Although many would like him to get a home where they really love him.

Source: Zoorprendente


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