This dog used to chase cars looking for love. Now she is the one who offers love to people in need

In Greece, the population forced animal shelter workers to prioritize sick or injured dogs. Blue was a relatively healthy dog so she was never picked by any shelter. And he ended up chasing cars, hoping to find a family.

When a woman saw the desolate dog on the beach, she was saddened by the lonely, hopeful smile of Blue. After sleepless nights, she decided to rescue Blue from that beach. The woman had no idea that Blue’s would have such an important role in people’s lives.

The kind woman arranged a temporary home for Blue, and even found her a happy home forever in Holland. But this was only the beginning of Blue’s inspiring story.

It soon became visible that Blue had a special talent as a therapy dog. Her former loneliness had increased her compassion and empathy, since she was naturally inclined to comfort people in need. She is currently in training to be a service dog. We wish her all the best!

Update: Blue has officially completed her training, and is now a therapy dog! The dog that asked for help during all this time is now the one that offers help to anyone who needs. How poetic!

Click on the video below to watch the uplifting story of Blue finally finding a place where she belonged!

Source:I Love My Dog


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