This campaign to raise animal awareness will take your breath away …

Every day, thousands and thousands of animals are abandoned all over the world, without a home, without food, without water and without anyone to help them … Despite the various awareness campaigns and the creation of laws against this kind of attitudes, People with no heart continue to leave their companions to their fate, or in this case, to their own bad luck!

When someone buys or adopts a baby dog, forget that the animal will grow and needs a lot of attention, care and care, especially when you get older. They only realize that after they have taken him home, and then they decide to abandon him cruelly.

It was to think of these “people” that the 30 Millions of Amis Foundation has campaigned to cut the heart … This is a French association that “defends and protects animals, and educates the younger generations to respect all forms Of life. ”

The campaign shows the abysmal difference between two beings: the dog, who is faithful and despite the attitudes of the owner, never fails to help and support him, and the human being, who leaves his best friend without a second thought.

Look at this moving footage, I challenge you not to be moved … Let’s share to stop animal abandonment!


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