Thirsty koala licks rainwater off a road after first rains in Australia

A desperate koala was found licking the wet asphalt after the first rains in New South Wales, Australia.

The images were captured by Pamela Schramm, who found the animal in the middle of the road, who told the Daily Mail Australia that she stopped the car because she thought the koala was injured. According to Pamela, the animal had no injuries and was not malnourished, he was just thirsty.

Watch the video below:

The koala was found on the road licking the holes that contained water from the first rains. These, according to local firefighters, did not put out the fires that have devastated Australian territory, but they helped to contain them.

According to Pamela, a keeper was contacted to ensure the animal’s health. After he arrived at the local, analyzing the images captured and the koala’s behavior, guaranteed that the animal was in good health, he was just thirsty.

Pamela Schramm appealed to all drivers to stay alert and drive at a moderate speed in order to be able to assist animals if they need it.

Source: CM Jornal


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