They find an exhausted mother, but what’s stuck inside the house shocks them all …

A skinny Pit Bull mother was wandering the streets of New Orleans, when the heroes of the Animal Planet rescue team, “Pit Bulls and Parolees”, located the animal realized that she had had puppies.

When they saw the state of the dog neither wanted to believe she was starving and very thin, but she quickly realized that the team was there to help her, she ran with her tail wagging. Once the mother was in good hands, the team began the desperate search for their offspring. The mother eagerly led them to a nearby house. The truth behind your situation is absolutely terrible. As it turned out, the owners locked the door and put her out of the house and stayed with their beloved babies.

Thank God the team found them and finally managed to join them mother I could not help but cry. Watch is heart-wrenching and comforting and please SHARE with your friends on Facebook.



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