They denied lunch to his poor friend, so the 8-year-old boy decided to solve the problem with his own hands

The children are pure, innocent, kind and… simply incredible! They don’t see the evil in our society, and surely these little humans make the world a better place. The boy we are going to talk about is an example of this.

Cayden Taipalus is 8 years old and attends the third class at Challenger Elementary School in Michigan. This boy is very special and has a heart of gold. When the child saw that his friend was not entitled to a hot lunch at school because he had no money, he decided to take action.

His mother, Amber Melke-Peters, said that, on that day, he went home quite upset about the lunch situation. The boy talked to his mother and asked how he could help his colleague so that it would not happen again.

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With his mother’s help, he created a fundraising page on the internet. When the site was created, Cayden asked family, friends and neighbors to donate money to pay for his friend’s lunches.

But the boy didn’t stop here. He started doing recycling to raise money on his own. A heart of gold indeed… someone so young having this wonderful initiative is undoubtedly moving.

After paying his friend’s lunch debts, he payed the other needy children’s meals with the rest of the money, so they wouldn’t have to worry about not having food again.

Youtube – Channel 7

Since Cayden started his project, he has managed to raise nearly $7,000. With that money, he bought hot lunches for more than 300 students. He wants to continue with his project so that no child starves in his school again.

His mother is very proud, but she is not the only one. All school staff are delighted with this child’s actions. He did everything he could so his friends could have a hot meal with him in the cafeteria.

Youtube – Channel 7

What started as something as small as helping a friend turned into something so big that it guaranteed that hundreds of children had a hot dish to eat. Surely this boy will do even greater things in the future. Cayden is undoubtedly a blessed boy… we wish him well!


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