Therapy dog comforts doctors and nurses who act against the coronavirus

The emergence of the coronavirus generates a lot of stress in the health care team, which is on the front line every day in the fight and containment of the spread of infection by Covid-19, treating the most severe patients in the best possible way.

Difficult changes that lead to physical and psychological fatigue aren’t uncommon. But that’s what therapy dogs are for, and there’s one that, in these days of pandemic, is bringing some serenity and calm to the heart of some nurses and doctors.

The therapy dog called Wynn and is a little over a year old labrador that offers support and sweetness to the doctors and nurses at the Rose Medical Center in Denver, United States.

In fact, the therapy dog has arrived in the infirmary to bring comfort to all health professionals who face every minute of every day a health emergency like never seen before.

Sweet Labrador was trained by Susan Ryan, an emergency doctor who is in the infirmary today to help the most delicate patients: “I just collapsed on the floor and said ‘can I just have a minute with him? […] Seeing certain things has a big impact on you. When there’s a dog and you caress it, you’re getting a little serenity,” says Ryan.

In the halls of the hospital since he was only 8-weeks-old, Wynn works inside the social workers’ office, and it is possible to visit him to take a short break with him, between soft lights and meditative music: Wynn is there to make doctors and nurses forget for a while all the evil they see.

Source: Olha Que Vídeo


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