Their house burned down but he never stopped waiting for his owner among the ruins

This story is really touching and we are sure that there are very few that compare to it.

It all happened in South Korea, in a city near Seoul, where a puppy named Ddol lived happily with his family.

On the charred remains of some of his owner’s belongings, Ddol expected his return, howling at night.

The pet had his owner, a man who lived with his mother.

Unfortunately, the old woman died and, when she was left alone, she never imagined that, together with the pain of the loss of such a dear family member, another misfortune would occur: the house where the subject lived with his pet, burned down.

At the hospital, they informed Ddol’s owner of what was happening to his dog.

The man suffered severe burns in the fire and had to be rushed to a Seoul hospital, leaving behind his faithful four-legged companion.

Ddol was also a victim of the flames, with injuries to the hind limbs.

The puppy’s loyalty was about to be tested, so the animal didn’t leave the remains of the house charred, hoping to see his owner return.

The little animal slept every night in charred pants that belonged to their owner and possibly retained part of their perfume.

In this video, you will see how people interested in helping Ddol discovered his sad story.

Every time a car passed near the house, Ddol ran towards it, hoping that his owner was in one of them, at home.

News of the puppy soon became known and a Korean media outlet called SBS wanted to know more about this poignant situation.

They began to investigate to find out where Ddol’s owner might be and arrived at the hospital where the man was still covered in bandages.

There, they explained to him, through videos, how his pet was living since the scene of the incident and the man cannot but weep for the fate that his faithful companion had to live.

The smell of his owner and some of his belongings gave him the courage to recover.

The SBS people knew he had to help, so they left to find Ddol to take him to a vet who could heal his injuries caused by the fire.

They captured the animal in the best possible way and it was taken to a health centre.

Ddol went through treatment, but in order to encourage the animal to feed and heal, they brought him objects that had the smell of their owner.

Having some clothes of his love gave the dog the hope that he needed to get better and cheer up.

Ddol not only healed after the treatment his owner was also discharged at the right time and both had the wonderful opportunity to meet again.

Now, this puppy is in the place where it should be: with his owner

The story of this dog and his owner became so well known in Korea that they were able to find donations to rebuild the house of this family.

Now, where there used to be a dilapidated residence, there is a completely new house and even Ddol won because in the backyard he has a comfortable little house in which he can live happily.

In this video, you can see the moment when Ddol meets his owner.

Source: Zoorprendente


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